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BreatheAmerica is open for new patients and our program allows flexible scheduling.

Meet the Staff

Bret Haymore, MD, Sheila McGuckin, APRN-NPC, and Shelly L. Morgan, PA-C, give nearly 50 years combined experience to provide you with comprehensive treatment at a highly specialized and professional level.

Start feeling good again

The differences between the BreatheAmerica program and others are simple. At our core, BreatheAmerica is about managing your long term health — not just your short term symptoms. Our proven vision is that, through systematic and comprehensive steps to diagnose your specific problems, a unique and personal treatment plan awaits each and every patient.

Location: Tulsa, OK
Current Air Quality: 03/18/18 1:00 AM CDT
Moderate - 82 AQI - Particle Pollution (2.5 microns)
Good - 31 AQI - Ozone
Agency: Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality
Last Update: Sun, 18 Mar 2018 01:45:13 CDT

Sufferers of airway disease significantly outnumber the combined sufferers of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

We work collaboratively to provide care to patients with allergy, sinus, asthma and related diseases utilizing protocols based on recognized practice parameters.